4 Ways to Use The Multi-Purpose Produce Bags

4 Ways to Use The Multi-Purpose Produce Bags

The newly rolled out Produce Bags are one of my favorite additions to the store! I have been using drawstring bags for my produce for almost a year now, so it was a no brainer when a friend asked me to make her some. So why are they called "multi-purpose"? There are so many more ways to use these little guys than meets the eye. 

Produce Bags

The obvious purpose is for your fruits and veggies at the market. Fill them up with broccoli, grapes, apples, etc. They are lightweight so they won't add to the overall weight of the produce inside. 

Bulk Bags

If you ever shop the bulk section, then you know that they often have plastic bags for you to fill. Instead, use these drawstring bags and fill them with your bulk rice, flour, trail mix, etc. 

Gift Bags

My favorite way to use these guys is for gift bags! What better way to reduce waste than for holidays and birthdays. The best part is that the bag is a gift in itself! 

Make-Up Pouch

Whether it's in your travel bag or purse, pack this bag with your must-have cosmetics. No worries if anything spills in it, just toss it in the wash! 


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