5 Unexpected Places to Reduce Waste

5 Unexpected Places to Reduce Waste

There is no "right way" to do a lot of things, but definitely being practicing a low waste lifestyle. However you choose to start is up to you, but I wanted to share five unexpected places that you can reduce waste in your home.  

Change Toilet Paper Brands

While it is convenient to buy toilet paper at the grocery store, it's also very wasteful. We changed out our grocery store brand TP for something fancier, less waste, and delivered right to our door. Instead, we now receive our TP in bulk AND plastic-free! Who Gives a Crap provides us 50 rolls of premium bamboo toilet paper right to our door without any plastic! The cardboard box is then played in by my cat while the tissue paper around the roll is used for gifts!

Swap Out Your Sponge 

Opt for something that is either reusable or compostable. You can order a compostable sponge to be composted once you are through with it. Another option would be a reusable cloth sponge, or as my mom swears by - our Reusable Swiffer Pads. She holds high the fact that our beloved Swiffer pads can be used for more than just the floors, but can also be used to wash your dishes! Interested in these? Read the 3 Different Ways to Use Reusable Swiffer Pads!

Reach for the Beeswax

Instead of using cling wrap or foil, reach for your beeswax wraps! You can use them to wrap up all your goodies instead of something disposable. It is even super easy to make at home. It just takes a little beeswax, and little fabric, and just the right amount of patience!

New Skincare Routine

It's probably time for a new skincare routine, which means it's a perfect opportunity to evaluate your new products. Don't settle for plastic bottles filled with harsh chemicals, instead, reach for something natural and in recyclable materials. I also like to reach for my Reusable Cotton Squares to remove my makeup. Partner up these zero-waste beauties with a glass jar facewash and you've already eliminated tons of your bathroom waste. 

Check Where You Shop

Something I didn't notice for the longest time was the amount of waste the fashion industry produced. If you tend to shop at fast fashion clothing stores, it may be time to think about where you shop. You can eliminate fashion waste by reducing your purchasing, reusing what you have, and then properly recycling and/or upcycling your clothing. 



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