Favorite Zero Waste Bathroom Swap

Favorite Zero Waste Bathroom Swap

I've said goodbye to a lot of waste in my bathroom over the past year, but there has been one switch that is my all-time favorite! The reusable makeup remover squares are a gift sent from zero waste heaven. Not only are they handmade right in Athens, GA, but they are also a sustainable product and perfect zero waste swap.

For starters, they are made with scrap decorative cotton fabric on one side and a bamboo fleece on the other side. Have you ever felt bamboo fleece? No? Well just picture the softest blanket ever and then make it sustainable and even a little softer. Bamboo is one of the most abundant resources and the perfect use for removing makeup. Apply a little bit of water and face wash, then gently scrub your face to remove all the dirt and grime from the day. You can then rinse it and squeeze it out to wipe off the water on your face and gently pat dry with a cloth. 

Removing makeup isn't the only use for the reusable cotton squares. You can also use them to apply toner and other skincare products. Just drop a little bit of toner in the middle of the cloth and use it to apply. The fibers will gently exfoliate and soothingly spread your product with no waste!

Once you are finished, you can rinse it out and use it a few more times. Then, toss it in a small mesh bag or directly into your washing machine for a nice clean. Never again will you have to buy single-use makeup remover wipes or cotton rounds!



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