Gift Guide for the Beginner to Zero Waste

Gift Guide for the Beginner to Zero Waste

There is no better time to support your friends and families desires to go zero waste than the holiday time! Fill their stockings and under their tree with the best beginner gifts for a future zero waster. 

While they may already have a list, it can always be fun to veer off and find the perfect surprise gift. And if they don't know where to start with their zero waste journey, then this can be a great point of inspiration!

Reusable Cotton Rounds

A great beginner to the makeup guru in your life! Reusable Cotton Rounds are such an easy swap to another's cotton balls or makeup remove wipes. They come in such an assortment of cute prints that are all upcycled fabric, and have a bottom side of a bamboo fleece! They will never reach for a cotton ball again. Read more about Why You Need Reusable Cotton Rounds.

Reusable Paper Towels

If your gift receiver has a home of their own, these adorable reusable paper towels are an awesome gift! You can personalize it by choosing the print that fits their personality best. One side has the awesome print you chose, while the other side is a double loop bamboo terry cloth! That's a double eco-friendly win. 

Reusable Coffee Mug

The perfect gift for an eco-conscious pal is a reusable coffee mug! There are so many brands to choose from, but my favorites are my Yeti and Kleen Kanteen. This will help them with togo coffee, water, smoothies, and so much more!

Stainless Steel Straws

My favorite stainless steel ever! I've had them for years and they have never done me wrong. They even come with a cleaner that is a huge life saver. These make the perfect Secret Santa gift, stocking stuffer, or any other type of gift. 

Multi-Purpose Produce Bags

Wrapping your gift in a more eco-friendly way is also a perfect swap for your zero waste friends. You can use something like a small scarf, tote, or reusable produce bags! These small drawstring bags make the perfect gift wrap. Don't believe me? You can read the 4 Ways to Use The Multi-Purpose Produce Bags here and see just how versatile they are!


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