Holiday Gift Guide - Sustainable and Small Business Edition - Totally Taylored

Holiday Gift Guide - Sustainable and Small Business Edition

The holidays are coming up and we know how difficult it can be to shop for some people in our life. Maybe you have someone who is totally interested in living a more low waste lifestyle, or that person who lives for some ✨self care✨. Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

For the ✨self care✨ lover

Self care holiday gift guide
Gift ides: Normal Soap Bath Bomb, Totally Taylored Lavender Eye Pillow, Totally Taylored Bamboo Cotton Rounds, Talon Non Toxic Nail Polish, Little Light Co. Candle

The Tough to Buy For 🤖

Tough to Buy For Gift Ideas with wooden spoons, candles, leather goods
Gift Ideas: Bronson Leatherwork Wallets, Home.Makers Wooden Spoons, Little Light Co. Candles

The Deep Cleaner 🧼

The Deep Cleaner No Tox Dish Soap, Lint Scrapper,  Deluxe Paper(less) Towels
Gift Ideas: Bamboo Lint Remover, Bamboo Dish Scrubber, Deluxe Paper(less) Towels, No Tox Life Dish Block, Soap Tray

 The One Aiming to Live Non Toxic 🌿

Group of non toxic products
Gift Ideas: Root & Splendor Laundry Concentrate, Bee's Wraps, Non Toxic Dish Block, Dish Scrubber, Wool Dryer Balls, Bamboo Bottle Brush, Bamboo Dish Brush

Small Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers and small gifts
Gift Ideas: Cameron Kruse Jewelry, Normal Soap Co., Talon Non Toxic Nail Polish, Bronson Leatherworks Keychain, Normal Soap Co. Lip Balm, Normal Soap Co. Bath Bomb, Bee's Wrap, Home.Makers Honey Spoon, Lint Remover
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