How to Refill Your Candles at Totally Taylored

How to Refill Your Candles at Totally Taylored

So you've heard about our candle refills but have questions about the process - don't worry I've got you covered. 

Let's first start with some information about the candle brand that will be refilling your candles. Little Light Co. is a local and women owned business that focuses on bringing you scents of the natural surroundings of the South. Owner, Beth Hughes, has been filling up joy since 2013 and has created a line of signature scents that you'll fall in love with. 

Now that you've learned about Little Light Co., we can get in to the specifics. 

You can refill any candle-looking-vessel that is clean and dry. It will need flat space on the bottom about the size of a quarter for the candle wick. You will also want to make sure the vessel does not close inward towards top but instead anything straight up or flared outward. 

It's also important not to bring anything too large. We want to make sure your vessel is returned to you with a quality candle that will burn properly and that can often times become an issue if you bring something too large and wide. 

Aren't sure about your container you want to fill with a candle? You can always send us a picture to our email ( or send it over in a DM to our Instagram

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