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How to: Refill at Totally Taylored

Refillery shops are popping up all over the country, and that includes us! While it may seem an intimidating way to shop, it's actually so simple. 

Here is everything you need to know before you refill at Totally Taylored:

  1. You can refill any container you have. There isn't a right and wrong type of refill container, the only thing the container has to be is clean and dry. This is for sanitary purposes to help you and your family stay happy and healthy :) 
  2. The only rule of the store is you weigh before you fill. Before you start pumping your bottles full of your new favorite refills, let us weigh your bottle! This is called a tare weight and that is deducted from the final weight. We want to make sure you aren't paying for the weight of your container and are only paying of the weight of your refill. 
  3. You can fill your containers are much OR as little as you want. There is no judgement on how much you fill your containers here at Totally Taylored. The beautiful thing about a refillery is that you can get just a few ounces of a product to test out before you buy in bulk. Aren't sure if you are going to love our laundry detergent? Thats okay! Just get a few ounces which will cost you less than $5 to test out!
  4. Once you pump it in your bottle it is yours. We are happy to weigh for cost as you go if you are nervous about final payment. Just know that once you pump it into your bottle it is yours and cannot be put back. 
  5. We are happy to fill your bottles for you. If you are nervous or even tired and don't feel like pumping your bottles we are happy to do it for you! Just let us know how full you'd like it and we will get it taken care of for you. 

Ready to get filling? Come hang out with us at our retail store in Bottleworks at 367 Prince Avenue!

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