3 Reasons to Switch to Reusable Swiffer Pads

3 Reasons to Switch to Reusable Swiffer Pads

It's easy to grab for paper towels or even cotton rags when it comes to dusting and cleaning our home. Why do I need to buy a reusable duster?

Here are our top 3 reasons we love our Reusable Duster Pads

  1. The Reusable Duster Pads are backed with a bamboo fleece instead of cotton. Why does this matter? Bamboo is a wildly sustainable resource and has many features that make it perfect for reusable options. My favorite thing about our bamboo fabric is that it's antimicrobial. This is a fancy way to let you know that it won't fester bacteria and carry an odor over time like cotton fabric does! This gives you a longer life out of your reusable products.
  2. They are washable! You read that right. Stop throwing away your Swiffer pads just to buy new ones. Instead, order 1 pack of Reusable Duster Pads and never spend money on your Swiffer again!
  3. They are for more than just dusting! Use your Duster Pads to get dirt and grime off your stove or other areas that need a little extra scrubbing. This includes your dishes as well. With a flannel backing, they have a little more grip to get off those hard to scrub foods.

It's time to stop throwing away your money: choose a reusable. 


Reusable Swiffer Pads

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