Things I Don't Buy Anymore - Kitchen Edition

Things I Don't Buy Anymore - Kitchen Edition

Since switching to a low waste lifestyle there are a ton of things I don't have to buy anymore! This is such a win-win for me and the environment; I get to save a lot of money and reduce my plastic waste! Here are a list of things I don't buy anymore - Kitchen edition!


My first ever kitchen swap was my straws! I hated plastic straws and stopped buying them years ago but never swapped for something new. Instead, I just kind of ditched a straw altogether. Now, I have my stainless steel straws that I bought from the Tiny Yellow Bungalow! They are my favorite ever and I have had them for over two years!

Paper Towels

The second thing I ditched in my kitchen was my paper towels. I have since switched to rags and my Reusable Paper Towels. This swap has saved me SO much money and so much space! Buying paper towels in bulk took up way too much cabinet space in my 'lil home. Instead, I have a handful of cloth rags and plop them in the wash once a week to clean them right up! Two years later and no regrets!

Ice Trays

A silly plastic item I kept having to replace were the ice trays in my freezer! One twist too many and they would crack left and right. Now, I use a silicon based one that will never break! Another alternative would be a stainless steel ice tray!

Cupcake Wrappers

Something so small, but every change matters! Cupcake wrappers or liners may seem so minuscule but they can add up. Between muffins and cupcakes in our home, I felt like we went through these way too often. Instead, there is a reusable silicon alternative that works just as well and are also just as colorful and fun!

Swiffer Pads

While I obviously use my Swiffer around my entire house, I count this as a kitchen item because I store it under my kitchen sink! Reusable Swiffer pads have probably been my second most cost effective swap because they are so dang expensive! We live in older houses and have a long hair cat so we get a ton of dust on the floors. This was a no brainer when I started making them and have grown to love them even MORE than the Swiffer brand! 


What have been some of your favorite kitchen items that you don't buy anymore thanks to a reusable option?



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