What We Will Be Carrying at Totally Taylored - Refill Station

What We Will Be Carrying at Totally Taylored - Refill Station

Have you heard about our new shop!? We are so excited that we are expanding into all of your low waste needs!

We have so many new brands and products are carrying that we know you will love. Things like all natural Scour Power from Earthy Edith's to Shampoo/Condition bars from DIP. Some of these products you can find online already and others you will have to wait to shop at our refill station. 

What's a refill station? Well I'm glad you asked! It is a lovely wood thrifted table in the center of the store that is filled with liquid household needs you can refill. For example, you bring your empty dish soap container and you fill it up! When you check out, you only pay per the weight of the dish soap and nothing more. This helps you to reduce your household plastic waste and instead reuse your bottles and fill them with nontoxic products that actually work. 

Starting out strong on the refill station we will carry these products "on tap":

  • Liquid Makeup Remover & Lotion Bars by Zerra & Co.
  • Laundry Detergent by Root & Splendor
  • Dish Soap, Hand Soap, & All Purpose Cleaner by The Bare Home
  • Liquid Lotion & Hand Soap by Good Earth Soap
  • Liquid Shampoo & Conditioner by Oneka


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