Things I Don't Buy Anymore - Bathroom Edition

Things I Don't Buy Anymore - Bathroom Edition

The kitchen and bathroom produce the largest amount of trash in my home. Once I started looking through my trash in my bathroom, I realized that there was a reusable or zero waste swap for almost everything! Here's a list of a few things I don't buy anymore for my bathroom.

Make Up Wipes

I said goodbye to make up wipes a long time ago. Not only do they build up in the trash, they are wildly expensive! Sustainably products are even easier to switch too when you are also saving money. I switched to our Reusable Cotton Squares because they are made with upcycled fabric and then a bamboo fleece. Have you ever felt bamboo fleece? Imagine the softest blanket ever and then times that by 10. Seriously.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Like most zero waste bathrooms, I swapped to shampoo and conditioner bars instead and haven't looked back. My absolute favorite is from Waste Free Products! They have made it so easy to make this swap!

 Safety Razor

I was so nervous to get a safety razor but have been so pleasantly surprised by it! I haven't cut my self at all and feel that it actually glides and works better than plastic razors. The best part is, you no longer have to buy overpriced razors. All you have to do is replace the razor blade every so often to maintain a nice shave. There are very expensive ones on the market, but you don't need anything fancier than the Stainless Steele Lifetime Razor

Tongue Scrapper

This last one came as a surprise to me as I did not expect to ever own a tongue scraper! However, I have loved having it and it has helped so much with oral care. They are usually stainless steel but I love this copper one!


What are some of your zero waste swaps in your bathroom?

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