Why You Need Reusable Cotton Rounds

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It's no question that the climate is changing and we need to take active steps towards reducing our waste and impact on the environment. And while this should be reason enough to choose any low waste alternative, it can take a little more than that to get people to completely change their habits.

It is natural for us to get set in our ways and our comforts, but that doesn't mean we can't make changes. Making a low waste choice can be easier than the alternative and better overall for you!

Let's jump into it! Here are the obvious reasons you should make the swap:

  • Save some money! Easy and obvious enough, stop throwing away your money! When you choose a reusable option like Reusable Paper Towels or Reusable Cotton Rounds then you are choosing to get a longer life out of your dollars spent. 
  • Your skin deserves the best. Okay it's 2021 and we still can't "touch" things over the internet but whatevs. I *promise* the bamboo fleece on these babies is the best thing e v e r and that's what your skin deserves.

Continuing on to the not so obvious reasons it's time to make the swap to Reusable Cotton Rounds:

  • Bamboo is anti-microbial! "Um Tay, wtf does that mean???" Yeah it's a mouthful but one of the best properties of bamboo! In simple terms, your products made with bamboo will not get a musty smell like cotton rags get over time. It also means the bacteria doesn't grow at a rapid rate so it is AOK if you don't wash them after every use. (Still not in love with bamboo, that's okay, read more about it here).
  • You are also helping reduce textile waste. Your products from Totally Taylored do more than help reduce waste once purchased, they also help reduce textile waste! How? Easy, all of our decorative fabric is all secondhand. We believe that no fabric deserves to go unused so we give it a new purpose. 

So now do you understand why you need Reusable Cotton Rounds?

P.S. we custom created this lil' guy to be the Reusable Cotton Rounds perfect fit.

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6 Small Ways to Reduce Your Waste Right Now

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Choosing to live a more sustainable life can start right now. You don't have to do a ton of planning or much investing to begin to reduce the waste in your home and in your life. 

Here are 6 Small Ways to Reduce Your Waste Right Now:

  1. Use a Reusable Cup: I know it was hard with Covid, but we are back to being able to use a reusable cup at most places! This includes water bottles while on campus or in the office, and also coffee cups. I love my Kleen Kanteen to go cups but you also probably have something at home already (or the thrift store).
  2. Compost Your Scraps: You may have seen a compost station at your local farmer's market or through your government! This is an easy thing for you to jump in on. Stop throwing away your fruit and veggie scraps and instead store them in the freezer to later drop off at your local compost station.
  3. Bring Your Own Silverware: You can easily keep a spoon, fork, and reusable straw in your bag for on the go. This way you won't have to use a disposable option when you are eating out and about. I love using our Reusable Straw Pouches that comes with two straws and a straw cleaner nicely tucked in a pouch made from upcycled fabric! 
  4. Choose Secondhand: When you can, choose secondhand (wow, what a rhyme!). This goes for almost anything but especially clothing and furniture. Choosing to buy something secondhand instead of new makes such a big impact on the environment. With so many "things" already out there, the more we can encourage production to slow, the better. If you are looking to buy secondhand clothing online, you can read about the 4 Online Thrift Stores You'll Fall In Love With!
  5. Mend What You Have: Many things have a longer lifespan than we would like to admit. Just because something has a hole in it, doesn't mean it's done. Give mending a try to help your clothes live a longer life! You can also upcycle furniture and other pieces for a new purpose instead of tossing them in the dumpster.
  6. Do a Trash Audit: One of the first things I did when I switched to a low waste lifestyle was a trash audit. This is a great way to see what trash you are producing the most of and slowing turn to reusable or lower waste alternatives. For me, that was paper towels, swiffer pads, and cotton wipes. This is why I created products that helped me, and YOU, reduce these things. Switching to Reusable Paper Towels, Reusable Duster Pads, and Reusable Cotton Rounds has been a huge waste (and cost) saver. 

Choosing a sustainable lifestyle shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg, often times it should save you money! You don't need new items to reduce your waste, often times you can use what you already have or slowly invest in smart alternatives. 

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The Best Reusable Paper Towels

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When looking to make sustainable changes in your home, it can be super overwhelming with all the internet has to offer. Companies are pushing their product but not always explaining why theirs is the best on the market. Let us tell you why ours are the best.
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4 Online Thrift Stores You'll Fall In Love With

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Sometiems we can't always make it to the thrift store or can't find what we are looking for: *queue* online thrift stores. Shop my favorite online thrift and secondhand stores.
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3 Reasons to Switch to Reusable Swiffer Pads

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Here are our top 3 reasons we love Reusable Duster Pads! And yes, they do fit your Swiffer!
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