3 Different Ways to Use Reusable Swiffer Pads

3 Different Ways to Use Reusable Swiffer Pads

We love to find more than one way to use an item, especially one that will save you money in multiple departments! That's why this week we are here to share with you multiple ways to use your reusable Swiffer pads at home. Since they come in a pack of 3, it can be super helpful to use them in more than the obvious way - for Swiffering.

Cleaning the Floor

We will start with the obvious - use our Swiffer pads to Swiffer the floor! They fit the standard Swiffer perfectly and collect all the dust in its way. When you are finished, just snatch it up with all the dirt and dust collected, and plop it in the washing machine. 

Dust Rag

If you find yourself wanting to avoid using paper towels to dust, you can always purchase our Reusable Paper Towels, or just use one of your Swiffer pads! They collected dust from counters just as well as they do from the floor. Ditch the disposables and choose a more sustainable alternative.

Kitchen Dishcloth

These beauties are also great at the kitchen sink as a dishcloth. The felt side works amazingly as a scratch less scour pad! Who would have thought? You can be gentle on your dishes and your pocketbook! 

Whether you are using your Swiffer pads for their intended use or one of the many other ways to use them, we are happy to be here to help support your creating a more sustainable home! How have you used one of your swaps in a more unusual way? 

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