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Why Refillerys Matter

For as long as most of us can remember, when we are out of dish soap we head over to our local grocery store and buy a new bottle of Dawn and throw the empty bottle away. 

This has been the norm for so long, but have you ever stepped back and thought about why we operate this way? 

What if you could refill that empty bottle instead of throwing it away? And what if you could refill it with dish soap that is not full of chemicals and fillers but instead of all natural ingredients that actually work?

This is where refill stores are popping up and changing the narrative of how we shop. 

When you walk into a refill store you are choosing two things: 1. to choose products that are healthy for you and your family and 2. to reduce single-use plastics.

At Totally Taylored, we focus on only sustainable and natural products that are safe for all customers. Our Root & Splendor laundry concentrate if perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, just choose our free and clear option for scent free! Zerra & Co. makeup remover can take off any days worth of makeup and uses alcohol-free Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera for a gentle and soothing toning, while Rose Extract helps to cleanse the skin. Oneka's shampoo and conditioner is made from plants and is vegan, biodegradable, PH balanced, and so much more.

These are products with ingredients you can pronounce. The importance of this has become lost in the world of convenience but shouldn't be taken lightly when the products you choose are touching your skin and entering your body. 

Now let's talk about packaging: how many empty bottles and jars have you thrown away or recycled? The cost of the packaging of a product is built in to its cost and if you are getting rid of the packaging at the end of its life, then you are throwing away your money. Why not clean out that container and bring it to a store to fill it back up? At Totally Taylored you can bring in any container as long as it is clean + dry and you can refill it as much or as little as you'd like. You aren't forced into buying a 16 oz. bottle to only learn you don't like the product, you can bring it a container and fill it with just a few ounces to see what you think! 

We know it can take a minute to change habits and shopping at a new type of store can also be really intimidating, but we are here to help in any way. Our refillery is a community space, and we know you will feel at home right when you come in. 

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