Totally Taylored's Fall Clothing Swap

Fall is coming and it's time to flip the closet. This is the perfect time to filter through your Fall wardrobe and your Winter clothes for what still makes you feel like the badass you are, and what no longer speaks to  you.

You should feel confident with your personal style while also reducing waste and excess spending. That is where our clothing swap comes in to play! Here are the guidelines for our Athens Fall 2022 Clothing Swap:

1. This is clothing only. Please no accessories, undergarments, shoes, etc.

2. Please bring up to 10 items. Make sure they are in good condition and freshly laundered. Don't bring anything you wouldn't give to your BFF. Please do not bring anything that is ripped, stained, stretched, or worn out.

3. Please be aware of your consumption, we ask that you are mindful of every item brought and taken home with you. This event is to inspire community so please be mindful and kind to your fellow swapper.

4. You are to be fully vaccinated to attend this event.  

The clothing swap is to be help at Totally Taylored in Bottleworks. Join the Facebook event here! If you are able to make a donation towards this free event, you can do that here!