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Sustain Yourself

Sustain Yourself Deodorant Cream

Sustain Yourself Deodorant Cream

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Consider your search finally over. This is not any ordinary natural deodorant. This is a plastic-free, clean, gentle, and effective alternative to conventional deodorant. It may not be a stick, but soon you'll discover that deodorant creams are superior. Get to know your body and try a cream for a change! 

Our formula is vegan (no beeswax) and baking soda free (a common irritant in natural deodorant) and is handcrafted in small batches using gentle ingredients that effectively battle odor, while keeping your pits soft, dry, and rash-free.

Our Cedarwood Deodorant Cream is lightly scented with a pure and organic essential oil blend of cedarwood, bergamot, and lemon, offering a warm, woodsy, earthy, and slightly citrusy aroma.

Our Rose Deodorant Cream is scented with pure and organic rose geranium essential oil, offering a light, fresh, and earthy floral aroma.

We do not use artificial fragrances in any of our products. Take a look at our small, yet mighty, ingredients list below! We source our ingredients sustainably and ethically, and focus on supporting small and local businesses.

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