Welcome to Totally Taylored

Located in Bottleworks in Downtown Athens, Totally Taylored is the Classic City’s new one-stop-shop for a more sustainable lifestyle. Our founder, Taylor Ooley, is proud to share her passions as a seamstress and environmentalist with the community. With an aim to reduce waste in the landfill, our locally made home goods are crafted with care. From candles to dryer balls, we also have some of the country’s best sustainably made products.

We are also proud to bring a refillery to the Athens area! You can find products like laundry detergent, hair care, and so much more available on tap. Simply bring in your own container that is clean and dry and fill it up with whatever you need! You will only pay per ounce, helping you reduce your single-use plastic waste.

Meet the Owner

Taylor ooley

Taylor learned to sew just over three years ago when she first found fabric in her mom's garage that was going to be thrown away. With everything she was learning about sustainablity, she knew she could not let that fabric end up in the landfill. Instead, she starting turning that blue and cream striped fabric into reusable tote bags.

Now Taylor has proudly saved over 4,000 yards of fabric from the landfill and instead turned it into products that help us reduce our personal waste. Totally Taylored has sold over 500 packs of our famous Bamboo Paper Towels helping save thousands of paper towels from the trash.

While our products are still made in-house, we are happy to have expanded a full refillery and sustainable shop offering endless products to help you live a more low waste lifestyle.