About Us

     Over the past year I have fallen in love with sustainability and reducing waste. In 2019, I started to notice the abundance of fabric floating around unused and wanted to collect it from being thrown in the trash. That is when I decided to start making totes. It seemed like such a small thing, but I have seen the impact that this upcycling of fabrics has had. I go out and collect what I can and have others donate fabric that I turn into totes and other zero waste swaps. I aim to make as little scraps of fabric as I can and always try to use my scraps that I cannot make into something as padding for shipments or packaging purposes.
     We want to make zero waste and sustainable products readily available to everyone. Together, we can reduce waste and get sustainable swaps in our own hands and those around us. 
We are proud to now expand further into the sustainable world. All brands that we carry, including our own, are thriving to make as little an impact on the environment as we can. We want to provide you with access to zero-waste alternatives, as well as sustainable clothing and home pieces. Our goal is to continue to offer affordable options that keep you and your family low-waste and fashionable.