Nuci's Book & Music Swap

We've all held on to books and albums that we have been ready to pass on but haven't known where to do so. Queue: the book and music swap hosted at Nuci's Space! 

Jump in to your spring cleaning by filtering through your gently used books and music to bring to the swap on March 27th! Bring your swaps by March 24th, 25th, or 27th.

It's time to jump into a new adventure and bring some new-to-you tunes through your speakers. 

Here are the guidelines for our Book & Music Swap:

1. All books and music are accepted at this event. We ask that they are in good condition with minor to no stains, rips, etc. Rule of thumb: Don't bring anything you wouldn't give to your best pal.

2. You may bring up to 10 items maximum. However, there is not a maximum to take, we just ask that you are mindful of every item you choose and do so with care. This event is to inspire community so please be mindful and kind to your fellow swapper.

3. You ask that you are fully vaccinated if you attend this event.  

Nuci's Space Book & Music Swap

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