Beauty Bundle
Beauty Bundle

Beauty Bundle

The perfect ready-to-go gift for your BFF or a little something for yourself! A matching set of reusable cotton squares with a matching lil' hair scrunchie. The best part? They come in a reusable scrap denim pouch! 

About the Cotton Squares

The perfect reusable makeup squares. They can be used to wipe off your make up from the day, to apply toner or any other face wash choices! All the decorative fabric is upcycled or deadstock. The fleece on the backside is a bamboo fleece that is 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton.

They are 3x3 inches and can be placed in the washing machine between uses! Just throw them in a small mesh bag and add them to your next load!

Come in a set of 5 tied up with a piece of fabric scrap.

About the Lil' Hair Scrunchie

Pull back your hair with this one of a kind hair scrunchies! They are made with additional fabric scraps so you can be sustainably and stylish.

Sold individually as a set of 1. Are sleep approved, yoga approved, and super stylish.